A Dating Guide For People Over 40

22 Sep by Dale Mcgavin

A Dating Guide For People Over 40

Dating over 40 is a different ball game. The one thing we all have in common is that, we know ourselves, we know what works and we have experienced being a partner. This separates you from some of the gen Z and millennial confusion where people don’t yet know themselves because they’re not fully formed […]
23 Aug by Dale Mcgavin

How To Date a Milf

No one can tell you who you should date or who you should not date. People date people according to their preferences. When it comes to dating world, dating MILF is not a taboo anymore. There are really guys who enjoy dating older women, just like older women love dating younger men. Many would still […]
24 Jul by Dale Mcgavin

Why Young Men Date Older Women?

Dating an older woman can be very intimidating. The energy is one thing, the body issues are another. Regardless of what category this falls into for you, five years older, ten years older, if you want to date an older woman, it’s really important to be as mature as you can possibly be. Certainly, you […]