Why Young Men Date Older Women?

Dating an older woman can be very intimidating. The energy is one thing, the body issues are another.

Regardless of what category this falls into for you, five years older, ten years older, if you want to date an older woman, it’s really important to be as mature as you can possibly be. Certainly, you had your wild days, you love to have fun and you’re young. But to attract an older woman, you have to be able to make decisions and to be in charge.

So, why young men date older women? What is it that younger men find so attractive in older women?

Elegance And Confidence

One of the reasons why young men date older women is because of the elegance and confidence they bring to a relationship. There’s nothing more sexy than a woman who just carries herself with confidence and the knowledge of what she’s experienced out of life. Younger men want to experience that. They can take a younger girl who has the perfect body and will take advantage of that for a while. But once they get past that, they want more and they want a woman who feels confident of who she is, and that’s usually what the older woman brings to the party.

Clarity And Honesty

Older women are very clear and honest. They don’t have time to play a game and they don’t want to do it. That package of clarity, ability to connect and be honest is a very attractive lure for any younger men.


David Buss, a psychologist at the University of Texas with his colleagues and students discovered that women in their 30s and 40s are more sexual and have more intense sexual fantasies than younger women. Older women seem to have figured out stuff about their bodies. They have higher sex drive and were present when they’re having sex, which gives a whole different experience for young men.

Self Awareness

Older women are more self-aware. They’re not trying to prove anything. A lot of young guys value someone who just really knows who they are and what they want. These women have experienced and accomplished much that made them fully aware about themselves and have also the power to control the situation, especially in a relationship.


As a man who’s really interested in growth and wanted to explore new experiences, being with an older women will help you learn a lot. Communication was a big thing. Dating an older woman will force you to be a little bit more expressive and she wouldn’t tolerate a lack of communication.

When you understand how men think and their design, they are not simple, but they are directive and goal-oriented. Imagine what a relief it is for a guy who’s younger and meet a woman who is older, has a lot of content and capacity, who’s wise, powerful and can tell you very clearly who she is and what she wants, this is a sense of relief and many men find this so compelling. Granted it’s not all younger men certainly, but those who want the qualities mentioned above, they find themselves very much attracted to an older woman.